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A bit of exercise to help you survive Christmas?

How do you keep up your exercise regime over the festive period. Most of us rather let it go don’t we? Here are some fun ways to do bit of exercise and make it a little easier when you go back to class in the New Year.


Brussels sprouts grow on a stalk or spray as this image demonstrates.


Postural sprout prep: ensure your posture is perfect whilst peeling those little green vegetables. Tummy in, pelvic floor up, ribs closed, shoulders back and down, long spine, good head placement & don’t forget to breathe! You can also use the brussel stalk for improving your arm swing technique….just make sure you have plenty of room!!!!

xmas tree decoratingChristmas decoration shoulders, waists and abs: stand feet hip width apart, hold in abs & pelvic floor, narrow the waist, pull shoulder blades back & down without arching the spine. Lift the arms and stretch to place decorations, whilst lifting the ribs but not the shoulders! Of course you can always try this exercise balanced on one leg like our model but please be careful – one legged christmas tree dressing is an advanced technique.

turkey in the oven

Turkey in the oven: holding the roasting tray in front of you place feet slightly wider than hip width apart, bend the knees, hold in the abs to protect your back, and flex forward from the hip keeping your head and spine in line. Slide turkey into the oven, close the door and recover to perfect posture. This technique also works for other meats and vegetable dishes.


walking at christmas

Walk off the Xmas pud. A brisk walk on Boxing Day to burn off some of those calories. Remember; engage your abs, stand tall , swing those arms and stride out! Resist the temptation to end your walk at the pub!!


TV ankle exercisesTV ankles: point and stretch feet and rotate ankles whilst watching Xmas Strictly. Don’t forget to sit up properly—remember Darcey and her ‘frame, top line and core’ !


shovelling snowSafe snow shovelling……. Get someone else to do it! But if you do draw the short straw, make sure you work from the thighs not the shoulders. Bend you knees, keep your back straight, pull in those abs and pull up the pelvic floor!

Or just stay inside, keep warm …..


have fun and dance


Fitness League would like to wish you all a safe and healthy festive season.

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