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What happens in a Fitness League class

Fitness League classes are  ‘Posture in Action’

Fitness League’s friendly and fun exercise classes are movement based, blending together the 7 key principles of the Bagot Stack system:

  • correct body alignment,
  • joint mobilising and muscle strengthening/lengthening,
  • movement without tension,
  • co-ordinated movement,
  • natural breathing,
  • progressive work
  • music and rhythmFL posture

A unique, holistic exercise and movement experience, the Bagot Stack system offers a complete approach to fitness and mobility, regardless of age or ability.


Anyone can enjoy a Fitness League class. Working on the key areas, the system provides all the building blocks to help you look good, improve your fitness and feel great. Whether you are returning to exercise after a break or are new to fitness, our classes can help you.

Trained in the Bagot Stack system, our teachers are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) at Level 3. Your Fitness League teacher will encourage you to work within your comfort zone but prepare to be challenged too. Fitness League teachers are trained to adapt exercise according to your needs and in time will help you improve your fitness.

We look forward to seeing you

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